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Welcome to Brutal Teen Movies.
Many men fantasize about it, but they dare only to use their imagination. We deliver exactly what the darker side of your
sexuality wants! Forcing young women to become objects of blind carnal passion, that is what it's all about. We got
hundreds of movies where innocent teen girls face their worst sex-related nightmares. You'll see what happens
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The holiest things are violated, ravished, and raped raw. Anal rape, gang rapes, teens raped, forced throat fucking and
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Lillian should have never invited him home...
Lillian met Peter when leaving her dad's car at the repair shop. Peter, a huge muscular guy, had a peculiar charm rolling
off his bulging body in waves. After a week of phone talks Lillian got an unbearable need down her panties. She knew her
parents would be away for at least 4 hours that day. Though, she did not know these would be the worst 4 hours of her
entire life. The girl invited Mr. Nice Guy home, not having any ideas of what they could do. Peter, however, had plans
of his own. Join to see all the horrible things which followed...

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Meet Jackson, a really unfriendly person.
This is the kind of a sick fuck that you would not want to mess with! Jackson does not really care if a girl says yes or no.
Actually, he does not give a toss whether she says anything at all as long as she got a tight fresh hole to be filled with
his heavy veiny sausage. Jackson gets what he wants anyway... However, this time he had to do a lot of preliminary
talking (more like shouting, in fact) before he could have his way with this tight little teen. But it was all worth it...
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Poor Alison messed with wrong people
Alison was hitchhiking down a remote road when she was picked up by two young people. It appeared so that their
destination was Alison's home town, so she relaxed in the back seat, enjoying some friendly talk. The two suggested
having a rest in a shabby-looking motel. The careless chick had no suspicion - only until she was forced to the hotel's
back room. They disrobed her violently, leaving huge holes in her black pantyhose. Then a cock was whipped out,
and things which followed are too painful even to remember...
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Diana falls for the devil
Sweet, ample Diana is the kind of a young chick that you often see in hard rock clubs and local bars. She had this
fuck-off attitude and used to change boys often, but once she got a lot more than she could handle. This tall, muscular,
tattoo-clad, rum-guzzling stud turned out to be a real monster! Diana did not expect anything beyond a casual one
night stand, but this beast of a man kept going for hours. When her cunt started aching, she tried to protest but
the pervert kept fucking and smacking and cussing her into the bed, then settling for her virgin anus...
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